Air conditioning maintenance oftentimes referred to as preventive maintenance, is important in order to prolong the life of your system and keep your air conditioner running efficiently during the hot summer months.

You wouldn’t take your car on a cross country trip without having it checked out by an auto mechanic first. The same thing applies to your air conditioning system. You should have it looked over by an air conditioning technician before the long, hot summer!

Most local air conditioning contractors offer preventive maintenance programs. Typically they consist of a scheduled plan that consists of two visits six months apart. A thorough “clean and check” is completed on your system each time…

                                              Dirty coil ——– Clean coil

Dirty Coil

A “clean and check” consists of:

• Cleaning indoor coil

• Cleaning outdoor coils

• Checking refrigerant levels

• Servicing Filters (wash or change)

• Cleaning drain lines

• Checking wire connections

• Amp motors

• Checking starting capabilities

• Adjusting thermostats

• Check overall condition if the system

Demonstrations and statistics show that good maintenance programs have an average savings of $32.76 per month based on 8 cents per kilowatt. Run-time is reduced by an average of 1.70 hours per day which results in extended equipment life.